First-Time Attendee? Follow These Tips!

We are all first-time attendees to an AUTM virtual Annual Meeting, but you may also be attending an AUTM Meeting for the very first time and wonder what to expect and how to make the most of It. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with this advice:

Closely review the schedule, carve out time from your day to focus on the sessions you want to attend and take full advantage of networking and partnering opportunities.

Complete your personal profile, your company profile and make SURE to add picture. A vacation snap is better than no picture at all.

Plan to attend the keynote talks with Dr. Antwi Akom, VCs Talk Back and astronaut Ellen Ochoa.

Take advantage of AUTM Connect, the place for serious networking. It’s ideal for those looking to meet potential partners and get down to deal making. This is the place work is getting done, connections are being made. AUTM Connect has a unique way of filtering all the attendees so you can get right down to the most important connections for you and your organization. AUTM Connect is also the best place to build your own exportable schedule, find people in attendance and schedule partnering meetings.

The buddymeet is an in-platform zoom-like experience right in your web browser. Use your Buddy Meet, found in your live event profile, to make impromptu connections with up to 75 other attendees. Invite others to join you on video for a casual conversation or a focused discussion on a specific topic of interest. It’s up to you.

To enter your buddymeet, simply click on the buddymeet link and/or icon in your profile. A new tab will open and you will enter your buddymeet room.

To enter someone else’s buddymeet, click on their buddymeet link found in their profile or on the camera icon in directory.

For casual social networking visit The Lounge, powered by Remo, where you can virtually navigate, face-to-face, in a room of tables. You can engage in a discussion with colleagues or introduce yourself to new friends and expand your network.

The roundtable sessions are a great way to meet fellow attendees. The sessions are face-to-face discussions around a specific topic of interest. Some sessions will use breakout rooms where you can gather in smaller groups to continue the discussion and expand your network. There are roundtable sessions on a wealth of topics.

Visit the Community Groups (found under the Networking tab). These are special interest groups where you will find like-minded attendees. You can use the social feed to connect, or use the Buddy Meet within the Community Group to connect face-to-face with others interested in the topic. Exchange documents, share photos, talk about topics of interest or make key connections for relationships that will last well into the future. The groups include:

  • Administrative Professionals
  • Compliance – iEdison
  • Global Tech Transfer
  • Marketing in Tech
  • Transfer
  • New to the Crew
  • Tech Transfer Directors
  • TTO Innovations
  • Women in Tech Transfer

Navigating the website!

New to Tech Transfer?
Try these sessions:

  • New to Tech Transfer?
    We have a roundtable discussion dedicated to you where we’ll discuss topics of interest to those new to the profession and bring in experienced practitioners to add insights.
  • Career Development Forum – Get the 411 on a Gig in TT
    In this session we’ll examine our complex and evolving roles and responsibilities: We’ll talk about challenges and opportunities at every career level. If you’re thinking about your future professional goals or are new to the profession, this session is for you!
  • Partnering Forums
  • MTAs: The Need for Speed
    Featuring case studies on automation with the AUTM MTA Toolkit and other standard templates. Come learn how your office can save time and money while ensuring the broad distribution and appropriate use of research materials that can return benefits back to your university.
  • Connect & Collaborate Partnering
    This session provides a great way to hear what technology areas our industry colleagues are scouting and select those you want to speak with.