Connect and Collaborate

The place to go for info about AUTM’s industry Members and what inventions or topics are their focus, including who to contact.
Dedicated Connect and Collaborate Networking Workshop:
March 16 (Tuesday) 3:30-5 pm ET

The Lounge

Pop into The Lounge to mingle and make new friends.

Open Hours
Monday, March 15 - 1 to 4 pm ET
Monday, March 15 - 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. ET (Virtual Reception)
Tuesday, March 16 - 9 to 5 pm ET
Wednesday, March 17 - 9 to 5 pm ET
Thursday, March 18 - 9 to 3 pm ET

The Wall

The Wall is a social media-esc “feed” of activity that can only be seen on this conference website.

– Create posts to share pictures, links and comments
– Tag other users
– View “activity” around the platform

Community Groups

Connect with other like-minded users in focused groups:

– TT Innovations
– New to the Crew
– Global Tech Transfer
– Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
– Tech Transfer Directors
– Administrative Professionals
– Marketing in Tech Transfer
– Compliance - iEdison

Attendee Directory

Connect with other attendees

– Request to “Connect”
–“Follow” someone
–Send Private Messages
–See user profiles to learn & engage

You came to the Virtual Conference not only to learn and grow, but to “connect” with others! The platform allows attendees to do just that! Scroll down to learn about the various ways you can connect with other attendees. 

The Foyer

The Foyer is a Facebook-esq “Wall” or “Feed” of activity.

  • Create Posts to share pictures, links and comments
  • Tag other users
  • View “Activity” happening from around the platform
  • Watch this space for impromptu giveaways!

Private Messaging

Communicate with others through Private Messaging.

  • Send a message to an attendee or a group of them
  • Compose messages with text, links, photos and even GIFs
  • Receive instant notification of new messages

Attendee Directory

View and Connect with other attendees! 

  • Request to “Connect” with other attendees.  
  • Follow” someone to see their activity. 
  • Send Private Messages
  • View user profiles to learn more and engage. 


Connect with other like-minded users in a focused group!

  • Activity Feed (The Wall)
  • Member Directory – Shows all members in the group.
  • Messaging – Includes Group and 1-on-1 Messaging. (Not live chat)
  • Discussion Forums – Topic based discussion.
  • Media – Photos and Documents for uploading and sharing.

Your Profile

Fill it out so others can learn more about you! 

  • Complete your profile by adding your Basic Information
  • Upload a Profile Picture & Cover Image 
  • Gamify! Gain points by completing your profile
  • Privacy? Full control over who sees certain information and where you show up throughout the platform

Your Account

Manage all aspects of your account.

  • Login Information – email address, password, etc.
  • Email Preferences – control which email notifications you wish to receive or not receive.
  • Profile Privacy and Visibility – control who can see your profile and where it appears.