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Looking to build meaningful relationships with Industry Partners? View each company’s presentation and discover what technologies they’re hoping to add to their portfolios. Join us Tuesday, March 16 at 3:30 pm ET to meet face-to-face, ask questions and make connections through small group discussion.

Sunita Malhotra
DirectorAlliance Management & Academic Outreach

Josh Pan, PhD, MBA
Senior Director, Business Development

Andreia Lee, PhD
Partnering Executive, Head of Academic Partnering

Chris Hewitt, PhD, FRSC
Innovation Network Manager

Balgopal (Bali) Gangadharan
External Innovation & Partnering R&D, Consumer Health

Michelle McClymonds
Senior Licensing Associate

Andy Tincu, PhD, MBA
Executive Director, Product Portfolio Development

Danielle Fremes
Senior Officer, Stakeholder Relations

David Lough, PhD
Director, Academic Partnerships

Jeffrey Warmke, PhD
SVP, Search and Evaluation & Alliance Management, Global Business Development

Kevin McCreight
Technology Manager & Fellow, External Innovation

Tari Suprapto, PhD, RTTP
Senior Advisor, External Innovation

Sharon Semones
Advisor- Academic Search/Evaluate, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Corporate Business Development

Alisa Band
Senior Investment Manager

Kim MacMartin-Moglia
Director of Business Development

Woj Wrona, MA, MBA
Director, Business Development & Licensing, Discovery Transactions

David Boyko
Director, Global Business Development

Vaibhav Saini
Business Development and Technology Development Manager

Aaron Schwartz
Director, Search & Evaluation, Global Drug Discovery

Sameer K. Talsania, PhD
Senior Manager, R&D External Innovation

Barbara Sosnowski
Vice President and Global Head, Emerging Science & Innovation Leads, WWRDM

Benjamin Thiede, PhD, CLP
Senior Business Development Officer

Chris Brown, PhD, MBA
VP Acadmic Partnerships

Cathy Tralau-Stewart, PhD
Senior Director Alliances, Academic Innovation Center for External Alliances

Abhi Afzalpurkar, PhD
Director, Innovation Partnerships

Shobha Parthasarathi, PhD
VP, External Innovation and New Ventures